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CICO Oil & Gas Company is a fully staffed independent oil and gas company capable of generating, evaluating, leasing, acquiring, drilling and operating any oil and gas prospect.  CICO takes great pride in using lean overhead and experienced personnel to drill and operate projects at a fraction of the cost other oil and gas companies experience.

CICO generates and acquires various oil and gas prospects from a large number of knowledgeable and experienced geologist and geophysicist.  CICO thoroughly evaluates and scrutinizes every deal that comes in the door.  Our main focus is finding lower risk, higher potential, diversified oil and gas prospects for our investors.

Upon finding an attractive prospect, CICO performs thorough due-diligence research in order to find any possible problems with the geology, land, title, pipeline or any other areas of the deal.  After being fully satisfied with the integrity of a prospect and its sources, CICO then packages up the deal and submits it to various investors for their participation.   We then drill the well, evaluate it , complete it, hook up the production equipment, and then produce it for the life of the well.  We bill all the lease operations and distribute all the revenue checks.

CICO is not a boiler-room money raising outfit.  We do not have rooms full of tele-marketers or pay “broker-dealers” commissions to talk people into investing with us.   We are a 60 year old, legitimate oil and gas company that concentrates on bringing the best deals possible to our investors.

CICO raises exploration capital through promoting our prospects to a diversified group of investors.  These investors, or partners, range from wealthy individuals and industry institutions, to friends, family and associated professionals.  Even though most of CICO’s partners have invested with CICO many times for many years, CICO continues to look for new investors and partners to create new relationships that are mutually profitable and enjoyable.