750 Bering, Suite 650 Houston, Texas 77057

713-783-0400 contact@cicooil.com

Name Position Responsibilities
Dale Cheesman III President Administration, Exploration, Partners
Duncan DuBroff Geology Geological & Geophysical Review
Breck Selman Land and Leasing Contracts and Leasehold
Paul Mueller Engineering Drilling & Production
Lolly Cheesman Investor Relations Coordinating Investments and Prospects
Marylin Faulkner Office Manager Receivables, Insurance, Accounting
Angie Waller Engineering Assistant, AP Engineering Assistant, Payables
Land Department Land Manager Land Administration, Contracts
Geology Department Geology & Seismic Prospect Creation and Evaluation


You may also reach any of the above people at our main phone number and address:
CICO Oil & Gas Company
750 Bering, Suite 650
Houston, Texas 77057
Phone: 713-783-0400
Fax: 713-783-2034